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Post by Sam Guthrie on Wed Mar 18, 2015 11:28 pm

Another day, another challenge that the X-Men dominated The Avengers at. I can't believe how far we're come as a tribe when I thought we were going to get destroyed. Four immunities in a row is a new record for me, so I'm happy with it. Unfortunately, I feel pretty sure that a swap is going to come up. I like that we strengthened our odds, seeing as how if it was a swap straight down the middle it would be 4 X-Men and 2 Avengers, but I still can't help being a bit paranoid since it's been smooth sailing so far. It's basically been a Survivor breeze up until now and I sure ain't happy at the idea of shaking that up.

I'm a bit worried how the less active members on our tribe would react, like Cain, Alex, and Illyana. They may not feel as close to us as a tribe and may want to play ball with The Avengers. I personally think it'd be dumb, because the Avengers are the underdogs at this point. They need to be exterminated to keep from any inspirational comeback happening. My biggest concern at this point is that someone would want to take me out because of how well I've been doing in challenges. I've said it before, I've totally painted a target on my back and I know a few people would be happy to get me out of here before individual immunity starts.

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