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Post by Sam Guthrie on Fri Mar 27, 2015 1:10 am

Quick recap, after Illyana left we were surprised to find out that Wolverine would be returning to the game, on top of being immune for that round. No problem, we voted out the hardly active Cain Marko. We had some doubts about Alex and Marrow voting with us to get rid of Wolverine, but it turned out to be for nothing since it was the first unanimous vote of the game (which I thought was weird, I couldn't figure out what Sue and Johnny gained from voting him out). The game corrected itself and the person who was already sent packing was sent packing yet again, and here we are at F8.

The immunity challenge was a fun one until we were robbed (grr, Nat). I worry about teaming up with Emma so much in public. She's without a doubt by main ally at this point and I'd go to F2 with her in a heartbeat. We kicked ass but couldn't really pull through with the win, but Storm did. Now we're almost guaranteed to face a 4-4 split vote between Alex and me. It's high stakes at this point, whichever four (Avengers, Alex, and Marrow or my alliance) players survive this next vote will most likely be the F4. I think my entire alliance is ready to play hard and go to rocks if it comes down to it, so expect a potentially exciting tribal council. Big risk, big reward. I've personally never gone to rocks so the player in me is just a little excited to experience it, even if it ends in me exiting this game.

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