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8th confessional Empty 8th confessional

Post by Warren Worthington III on Wed Mar 25, 2015 7:28 am

Illyana went out kicking and screaming as the tribe got tired of her. We tried to prevent the inactive xmen (cain, alex, and marrow) from joining forces with the avengers by teaming up with alex and marrow. I tried to protect my alliance by monitoring alex closely and see if he's trying to pull anything funny. From what i seen there is nothing alarming. either they are hiding it very well or marrow and alex have bought into the idea of the 6 xmen alliance. Meanwhile, emma is keeping an eye out on Sue and Johnny storm. Emma is already thinking about the end game for us and told me to get a room with sue, her, and myself. I've been very fortunate that these two clever and strong ladies have taken a liking to me. Also I've been very lucky to have strong and loyal allies in Sam and Storm, so far. My ideal final five would be Emma, Sue, Storm, Sam, and myself and tbh i wouldn't mind any of us winning.
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