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Post by Sam Guthrie on Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:59 am

This is by far the most appropriate time to write one of these out! Leaving off where I last wrote, we had the plan for six of the X-Men to vote out Wolverine. From what I understood, it would have been me, Emma, Storm, Warren, Marrow, and Illyana voting him out, the six of us making up the new majority. Well this morning, I'm told by Warren that there was actually a plan in motion to take out Emma! It's really hard to figure out where it originated, but Illyana, Alex, and Marrow all seemed to have a part in it. The Avengers were voting against her and if two of those three would have joined them, Emma would have been gone.

So my first instinct is to use the idol. There's nothing worse than losing the numbers at merge, especially after such a great run that we've had, so I wanted to keep our alliance intact anyway I could. Of course the possibility of them fooling us entirely and voting against me was there, but I just had to take a gamble. Idol played, Emma stayed, but not because of me. The vote came out 6-4-1 on us and left a couple of us scratching out heads, but personally I didn't mind. That pesky idol is out of the way now and I don't have to be paranoid about it anymore I guess.

So what the hell happened? I imagine the three Avengers voted for Emma, as well as one of the less active X-Men. Someone tossed a random vote at Illyana or she just didn't vote, while my alliance and two others saved the day and got rid of Wolverine. The question is, who are those other two voters? We're playing the "save my ass" game now where everyone pretends like they voted out Wolverine, but of course one of those people are lying to our faces. It's at this point that we have to figure out who is on our side and going to continue to play ball with our alliance, otherwise we might screw our games entirely.

Personally, after originally believing Alex was behind it, I shifted my suspicions to Illyana. I talked privately to Alex and Marrow, wanting to believe they're being honest with me, and that only leaves the person who was right in the center of all this drama. Something doesn't add up about that chick, she seems like a borderline troll and like she just wants to cause confusion to further her game (aka she's John), but I'm not even going to deal with that. We put our fate in Alex and Marrow's hands, and made a case as to why Illyana should go. Right now it sounds like six votes are going to take her out of this game, and those six votes are going to continue to make decisions until we've reach F6. Ideally, of course.

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