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Post by Warren Worthington III on Sat Mar 21, 2015 4:13 pm

The merge arrived. Wolverine, Sue, and Johnny Storm are the only remaining numbers on the Avengers are clearly outnumbered in the merged tribe. The Mile High Club weighed the options of taking out the remaining avengers or the inactive X-men. We took into consideration the other inactive Xmen could join forces with the avengers should the avengers scramble to get help. However in the end we felt wolverine or johnny storm had to go being the competition threats that they were. Also Sue told me she is willing to flip, I don't know if she's being honest or just telling me what i wanted to hear. However I am beginning to gain the trust of Illyana and with her vote and the Mile high club's, it's extremely probable we do have a majority vote to kick out one of the avengers. Also Sam revealed to the Mile High Club that he has the hidden immunity idol, so we don't have to worry about the avengers playing one. By revealing the idol though, I think Sam makes himself an even bigger threat, one that has to be dealt with down the road. It also shows that Sam is very dedicated to our group of 4 if he is going to trust us with his secret.
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