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Post by Warren Worthington III on Fri Mar 20, 2015 4:30 pm

It's smooth sailing for the X-men as we won another challenge and force the Avengers to cannibalize one of their own. Avengers have been clearly outmatched as they are down to 3 and will be outnumbered in a tribe swap or a merge. Illyana revealed to me that she is worried that she is being left out of the group and I wanted to comfort her. However her trolling antics against the avengers even though very amusing to me, will probably alienate her with the rest of the team. The other xmen besides the Mile High Club appear sporadically. I doubt they will be unify enough to form any kind of resistance against the Mile High Club once we get rid of the Avengers. As for the Mile High Club, Storm seems to be very openly sympathetic to the depleting Avengers, she seems like a very open, honest, and straightforward person. Sam has taken on somewhat of a leadership role on the team, being the MVP of all the challenges at the same time putting a huge target on his back when the merge comes. There is no doubt he knows he's a huge target and probably have an ace in his pocket. Since most of the jurors will be from our team, it's probably best to not upset them and go with a blindside/betrayal strategy but rather keep the original alliance intact. But plans can always change.
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