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Post by Warren Worthington III on Thu Mar 19, 2015 5:02 pm

Our team dominated once again at the challenge. Sam Guthrie continues to show once again he is unbeatable at challenges. Emma privately told me she trusts me the most out of the Mile High Club and wanted to go to the end with me. I would really like to team up with her, seems like she's a great strategic and social player and we're on the same page. As for Sue Storm, she seems nice but I don't know if she has a direction. if she does, she is not completely revealing it to me, a sign she doesn't trust me? Illyana is worried that she might get kicked out if we lose because of her inactivity. I tried to comfort her and told her that their might be a team swap tonight and everyone get a fresh start. I hope to build some trust with her.
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