(Retrospective) Confessional #3

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(Retrospective) Confessional #3 Empty (Retrospective) Confessional #3

Post by Sam Guthrie on Wed Mar 18, 2015 3:03 pm

Ben Grimm left at the Avengers' last tribal council, which sort of sucks since he was pretty much the only one on the other side I have talked to. But I think it was for the best, since the last PM I received from him was him totally fishing for information in the most obvious way. I definitely think I need to pick up my social game with the other side though, since even though I have my Mile High Club (that's what we call ourselves now) on the X-Men tribe, you never know what situation this game is going to throw at you. All I can hope for is that there won't be a tribe swap, since I seemed to have made some enemies this last challenge.

Speaking of that last challenge! If I do say so myself, that was probably one of the best comebacks I've seen in a challenge. We got off to a rocky start, mostly because Cain, Emma, and Angel weren't the fastest bunch, and were even 0-4 in gems against the Avengers. Storm even made a post in our chat about who we should vote off since we so obviously lost! I stayed determined though and gave the challenge my all, with the help of Storm there at the end, and brought in the third win in a row. I'm so happy with my tribe and that we're getting a big lead on the Avengers! Only problem is that the other tribe sure doesn't seem happy with me and now I might have a huge target on my back for my performance in that challenge...

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