(Retrospective) Confessional #2

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(Retrospective) Confessional #2 Empty (Retrospective) Confessional #2

Post by Sam Guthrie on Wed Mar 18, 2015 2:56 pm

After we won the first challenge, things started looking up for me. I still can't say that our tribe is all that active, since the most is probably about four of us being consistently active with one other person popping up every now and then. I continued talking with the active ones - Emma, Storm, and Angel - and decided to try something new. For the first time in a mystery game I was actually the one to initiate an alliance between the four of us. Getting an alliance soon in a mystery game has always been advantageous to me, and the four of us are definitely the most active so banding together could be nothing but good for us.

With this new agreement, I went ahead and got a room for the four of us to chat in private (plus it makes the alliance feel more concrete). Around this time, we had our first reward challenge and... I won an Idol! This is the first time it's happened for me, so I'm excited. I did tell Emma about it since she seems to be pretty honest and we've talked the most out of our alliance, so let's hope that wasn't a dumb move. I mean the challenge was between me, her, and Sue so I didn't want to act suspicious about it. I plan to use the idol to help my tribe and alliance get further in the game, or as a last ditch effort for if I get in a tight situation.

The next night we had our second immunity challenge and we found out just how well we could work together as a team. I'll be honest, I'm the challenge MVP of my tribe without a doubt. I did most of the work this immunity challenge, which is fine with me! If I can use my challenge skills to prove my worth to the tribe then that means at least sticking around until merge. Not to mention it seems doubtful that my alliance would vote me out, so even if we lost I'm not too worried, but why not knock out a couple of Avengers along the way? I'm 3-0 in challenges right now and would love to keep it up!

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