(Retrospective) Confessional #1

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(Retrospective) Confessional #1 Empty (Retrospective) Confessional #1

Post by Sam Guthrie on Wed Mar 18, 2015 2:44 pm

(So since I've been slacking off on confessionals, I decided I'm just going to write a couple that could fit into each episode if you decide to write them. Here's the first one!)

My first thought seeing my X-Men tribe was being kind of confused as to why certain people picked certain characters. There's the obvious ones like Storm and Angel, the First Class couple Emma and Alex, then the four of us kind of randoms - Cannonball, Marrow, Juggernaut, and Illyana. After seeing the Avengers tribe, I feel like I should have went with a more popular character since having some lesser-known X-Men makes us seem like a group of ragtag misfits. Oh well, what can you do? I guess I'll just bond with my fellow misfits and make the best of it!

I went about with a more aggressive approach this game and decided to make contact with Emma, Storm, and Angel since they seem to be the most active on our tribe. The other 4 are barely even around so I hope that means that I picked the right people to socialize with. It definitely seems like the Avengers are a lot more active as a whole than our tribe, so I can't help but feel worried that they might destroy us. However, this initial worry disappeared when we were lucky enough to win the first immunity challenge by default! Emma saved us by posting a story last minute, while Angel let us down by not posting anything. A good start that I can't complain about.

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