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Post by Emma Frost on Thu Apr 02, 2015 9:54 pm

Jimmy- Gambit! Your powers are superhuman physical abilities and hypnotic charm! You also just so happen to be an incredible card thrower, which is why I know you were just in Vegas!!! Hope you didn’t hurt anyone. I know hardly anything about the superheroes, but I remember he was in the Wolverine movie I got dragged to and I liked him in it!! Skimming his bio he has a ‘swagger’ about his character that I can see you having lol.  We are connected because like Emma, you have some telepathy too.

Nat-Cyclops lmao. I was reading Emma’s bio and well you know….we have to be a duo still! She breaks up his relationship, they have a psychic connection and overall I think he is one of the more memorable X-Men. Cyclops was who recruited Bobby Drake too!! Yay! Who doesn’t love a guy with a nice pair of sunglasses Razz. I’m going to stop writing my reasoning now, but if you want more detail I will share later.


Henry Jackman-Magneto (X-Men First Class)

Yeah Yeah Yeah-Sealings (Spiderman 3)

Movie Clips (so sad I couldn't find a good Emma clip....there was only 1 online):

The Avengers- ‘We Have A Hulk’

Spiderman VS. The Lizard
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