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Sorry bud :( Empty Sorry bud :(

Post by Bobby Drake on Wed Apr 01, 2015 1:11 pm

You made it pretty far! Do you have any final thoughts before I send you off to jury?

Sorry bud :( Tumblr_mh5ovsGSNT1s4nzkso1_500
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Sorry bud :( Empty Re: Sorry bud :(

Post by Human Torch on Wed Apr 01, 2015 1:19 pm

thanks for considering me a fan favorite and I am sorry i couldn't be more present

This game was definitely fun when i could participate and I won one immunity challenge, which I rarely ever do!

My first original Survivor themed mystery game, and my best performance in a mystery game so far! 

Obviously my vote will go to Sue now if she makes it to finals. if not then Emma, but i will be super mean and nasty to her (Mindy Lahiri to Paris Hilton nastiness!) 

if it's a final battle between Warren and Storm, then I 'll vote Warren for actually playing the game. Storm seems like the goat they took to finals to have an easy win.

Also, for one last time, I'd like to thank Jimmy and Nat for inviting me to play and for tolerating my not so ordinary behavior? I hope I was not too mean to you guys and I liked the communication we had, you're both great hosts! 

See you during the jury process
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