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12th Confesional Empty 12th Confesional

Post by Warren Worthington III on Tue Mar 31, 2015 3:09 pm

With Sam being blindsided, Mile High Club has been effectively disbanded. I thought it would be at least a 3-3 tie since Storm would stay loyal to us. But her silence before the voting was deafening to me and I had a bad feeling they would all collude to vote out Sam. Now remains, Sue, Johnny, Emma, Storm, and myself. I think the strongest bond left is between brother and sister, Johnny and Sue. I don't really trust these two unless one of them is gone. They could very pull Storm over to their side and get me and Emma out. As for me and Emma, I have doubts about her loyalty to me, but I will continue to be loyal to her. As for storm, i don't think i can trust her as I did before, after she voted Sam out. I guess at this stage everyone is out for themselves. Another possible scenario is with all the estrogen buildup, there might be an all female alliance with Sue, Storm, and Emma. Either case I don't see myself making it to the end, and will probably be tossed out like rotten tuna fish in the near future. I'll just help emma in whatever way i can.
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