Immunity Challenge #11: Everyone Loves Scattergories!

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Immunity Challenge #11: Everyone Loves Scattergories!

Post by Warren Worthington III on Sun Mar 29, 2015 3:36 am

Your letter is: H

Actor: Hugh Hurd
Actress: Hiroko Hayashi
Superhero (Either real name or alias acceptable): Hank Heywood
Historical Figure (Must be dead before 2000): Hugh Hughes (painter)
Book: Hippety Hop, Hippety Hay by Opal Dunn
Movie: Hips,Hips,Hooray!
Singer: Hiroko Hayashi
Band: Hawthorne Heights
Song: Hip Hip Hurrah
Professional Athlete: Hugh Hughes (rugby player)
Company Brand: Healthy Helpings
Food: Honey Ham
Color: Honeydew
Username anywhere on IMDb older than two years (Link required): haneen_amhaz
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