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Post by Warren Worthington III on Thu Mar 26, 2015 3:53 pm

Wolverine returned and gets automatic immunity, so we decided to send Cain Marko home. My alliance agreed to send Wolverine's ass packing again since that would leave us with 2 avengers and 2 traitor xmen. So even if they got together we are still 4 strong and worst case scenario it will end with picking rocks. The trick was for us to sell to the other xmen that wolverine is a threat to them. I hope they bought into the plan of sending wolverine home. But the alliance got pretty nervous when the outsiders stop responding for awhile and thinking maybe they have colluded to blindside one of us. However I did get some relief when Alex send me a message that he's fine with taking wolverine out and waiting one more round before making a big move. But we'll see how tribal council goes down.
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